How do I use Auroracoin?

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    This is how you start

    Here you will find the basic information you need to get started with Auroracoin.

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    Acquire Auroracoin

    Here you’ll find information about the most common ways to acquire Auroracoin.

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    Get yourself a wallet

    The next thing you need to get started is getting yourself a wallet. You can find most of the Auroracoin wallets here.

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    Good to know

    Here you’ll find useful information that you should read before you start using Auroracoin.

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    Accept Auroracoin payments

    General information that are useful for merchants and anyone else that want to accept Auroracoin payments.

The team

We are a international group of volunteers that are behind the current development of Auroracoin and its progress in Iceland

Pétur Árnason

Hermann I. Finnbjörnsson

Hlynur Þór Björnsson

Myckel Habets

Martin Jansen

Mikael Hannes

Useful Links

Here are a few links to useful information for those who are interested in knowing more about the technical aspect of Auroracoin or its community

Auroracoin Core Wallet v.2018.09.1.0

Auroracoin Core wallets form the backbone of the Auroracoin blockchain network. The full Auroracoin blockchain will be downloaded and stored locally.

SHA256 sums:
Windows (auroracoin-qt-20180910.exe) f2c355337876ca20bba93b3eda7a31d6b5a89981e2622bd73602f15e6455e98c
OS X (auroracoin-2018.09.1.0.tar.bz2) 510ba9941865cf1f4901784aa5cbd8d4499bb0f09ac8a7581935bf6370902673
Linux (auroracoin-qt-20180910.dmg) ee0bebe80f52d740881238ff1f294ac5455993f27b2976ae8acdd49b58644c33
Online SHA256 Checksum Validator (Select SHA-256 Checksum Type)

More Auroracoin Wallets

Auroracoin Wallet for Android Devices and a Lightweight Auroracoin Wallet for Chromium-based Browsers

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